Overthrowing sexism

She was not just “asking for it” with bodycon mini dress

She is not one to submit

Or to give up when told to quit

She is A LADY

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Men like him

Men like him don’t get girls.
They get attracted to girls who are hard to get
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Self hate, self torture or simply stupidity

So you think he loves you?

How do you fit such big ideas in such a small body?

What makes you think he can even look at you again?

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My pride

U Rwanda

Beautiful Land of a thousand hills

Brave Land that survived

Like a phoenix rose from ashes

When I look at you Rwanda, I can’t help it but start praising

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Friday nights

I wanna dine with you, Friday night;

walk down the streets,

talk to you,

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Of all the gin joints, in all towns, in all worlds, he walks into mine.

Forgive and let go

These words keep on resonating in my ears.

But how do I forgive you when you never asked for it

How do I forget when all you do is reminding me

Every step away is like a call to you

Whenever I forget you make a step to remind me

Sometimes I wonder who of us needs to let go

I let go you pull me back

I come you push me back

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New year things


Resolutions are at their peak

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Today she can dance

I can’t help the tears that always threaten to fall each time I think of you

I know you never did any good to me despite my sacrifices

I learnt how to love you and yes I did love you

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My gods are tired of your name .

How do you sleep at night? My gods are tired of hearing your name. Do you pray for me? Do you plead for my inner peace? I asked the moon if she could get me in your room one more time One more nigh…

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