Little I have been told you cannot do this

   You can’t write

You can’t be heard

Your voice in not powerful enough

Asking WHY was  the biggest mistake I have ever made

“You are black, you are Afrikan, you are a girl”they answered

Growing up

I went to school

Became good student

Spoke in front of people even older would listen

Then I found my pen

I started my writing journey

I wrote poems

Wrote down my thoughts

And today I am wondering

Who am I?

Ain’t I a black Afrikan girl?

I believe that I am a black Afrikan girl

And I am proud to be

Does my writing make me any different?

No, it shows that we are not who others think we should be

I am the black Afrikan girl

Who reaches out for her dreams

I am that black Afrikan girl

Who went passed the limits set by her society and made them proud of her.

Yeah this is who I am

A black Afrikan girl







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