Dare to write

A year ago I created this blog. I decided it will be my voice, my way to find out about what I value most and what are my driving forces. 
In the beginning I had promised myself to write something every month but it turned out that I couldn’t achieve this.

I always over thought about what I was going to publish that most of my posts ended up as draft or private. But today I thought about this why getting scared of letting my heart speak and just keeping everything to myself. Yes; every truth is not good to be told but there has to always be someone more courageous than we are to actually speak out. To whoever any of my past posts may have hurt I am sorry but I couldn’t help it, I had to speak out.

Now that everything is said to all my followers I have to projects coming up the first one I had already started it it is the “All that she is collection” this will be published weeks on Saturdays abd comes up also “Mama Rugero Story time” which will be posted the first Friday of the month.

As I am continuing on my writing path I want to thank all of you who have been behind my posts by eaither inspiring me or moral support thank you very much.


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