Resolutions are at their peak

Thanking God for the past year no matter how it might have went

And hopping for Tomorrow because we know God is good to us

Today I am sending my thoughts to you

Yes, you

You who gave up on making resolutions

You seem to just go through the train of life but do not know where it is taking you

You who’s last year left with more unanswered questions and prayers than praises

You who wishes that 2017 be good to you.

I will not say it will get any better but I know God loves you 

God knows your daily struggles

Wait on his timing

Never lose hope and keep striving for his ways are different from our human ways

Never blame yourself for what did not go right in your life instead learn from your mistakes and look at your failures as a path to your success

Keep on standing tall despite the stony path you are taking and just keep in mind that God loves you and he knows what is best for you

My wish for you this year is that you keep striving and I know you will be victorious

Keep strong because greatness is coming your way

Reach out for help for we are here to be each other’s helping hands

Be thankful every day because even life is a gift

And wear a smile every morning it will brighten your days and make someone else’s day.

Yours sincerely


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