Overthrowing sexism

She was not just “asking for it” with bodycon mini dress

She is not one to submit

Or to give up when told to quit

She is A LADY

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My pride

U Rwanda

Beautiful Land of a thousand hills

Brave Land that survived

Like a phoenix rose from ashes

When I look at you Rwanda, I can’t help it but start praising

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Today she can dance

I can’t help the tears that always threaten to fall each time I think of you

I know you never did any good to me despite my sacrifices

I learnt how to love you and yes I did love you

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No more

Another morning

Another day with tears blurring my vision

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Call it by it’s name 

As I was reading through a women magazine earlier today I found out how unaware of our bodies we girls are and even some grown women.

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All that she is

Running away from whom I am

Running away from my Love

I made to change the way I look at her

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Who Am I?

Little I have been told you cannot do this

   You can’t write

You can’t be heard

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